Thursday, September 14, 2006

SysML and an example from RUP

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I'm so excited to make this post as it's the first one in my first blog.You know, I was thinking what I should really start with; Database, C# or something not technical as I'm at the beginning. But then I decided to start with something that I love most, RUP.Well, this one is not purely about RUP. But the sample that I'm gonna use here is from RUP.
Here we go...
SysML (System Modeling Language) is a Modeling Language proposed by OMG (the consortium that has developed UML) and its specification has been developed by many companies including IBM.Yes, you might say it’s a sort of extension to UML and you are right. I believe soon or late it will become the next famous modeling language.But you may ask why OMG has proposed a new Modeling Language? What is the UML’s weakness?Well, I suggest you to read a 3-parts article from IBM's developerWorks web site to figure that out. But to keep you excited I give you an example from RUP:
In RUP’s Inception phase, there is a workflow named Understand Stakeholder Needs. There the System Analyst has a few tasks to do - which involve stakeholder as well - to understand requirements by collecting information.As you might be able to see from the RUP's guideline, there is a task named Manage Dependencies that has a few output artifacts including Use-Case Model and Supplementary Specifications.In use-case model you can only model the functional requirements of the customer. The non-functional requirement (i.e.: Performance) has to be documented in the Supplementary Specifications Document.But in the SysML - as you may read in the article - there is a diagram named Requirements that allows you to model both types of requirements. So you have a single place to look at your requirements and manage them.
That's it for the first post.
I appreciate your comments and feedbacks, a lot. Please let me know how much this post was helpful to you.
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